1-2-1 Core Property Mentorship

8 Months of High-Value Mentoring: Online, In-Person And In The Field

1-2-1 Core
Property Mentorship

8 Months of High-Value Mentoring: Online, In-Person And In The Field


Our Professional Team Will Support And Mentor You To Property Business Success

Whether you are right at the start of your property journey, or an experienced investor who recognises the benefit of an external eye to troubleshoot issues and identify greater potentials, 1-2-1 mentorship and coaching can deliver incredible value and growth to your property business.

Building a property business can be a lonely and time-consuming task, using solely your own judgement to balance risk and reward against pivotal decisions. 1-2-1 support from experienced property professionals to coach and mentor you through the process, is for many people the key to successfully navigating the property business.

With decades of experience in property training  – along with helping 100s of students reach their property goals – our handpicked expert team have created a core mentorship program 100% focussed on you achieving your property investment goals.

1-2-1 Core Property Mentorship -
8 Months Of Strategic And Practical Mentoring And Support.

19 Hours of 1-2-1 Mentorship!

A property deal doesn’t happen over a single day, pulling a deal together involves many steps, all of which can benefit from the ongoing support of an expert guide.  Your mentor can help bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to be, supporting you across strategy planning, assessing potential deals in the flesh, and mentoring you across the practical implementation of your project.

Kickstart Meeting

2 HOUR VIDEO CALL: Establish your goals, targets, and objectives with your Mentor in the Kickstart Meeting. Come prepared with a picture of what you want to achieve and where you need the most support from your coach and mentor. Be prepared to be challenged and held accountable to achieve results.

Strategy Preparation

3 x 1 HOUR 'CHECK IN' MEETINGS (across 9 weeks): The focus here is on setting objectives to make your property investment business work. With regular check-ins to maintain focus, hold you accountable, adjust where necessary and problem solve quickly to maintain momentum.

A Day In The Field

1 FULL DAY ON SITE OR VIEWING PROPERTIES: Your mentor comes to you, in your investment area to spend the day working with you on your property business. Viewing potential deals, checking over a refurbishment or walking through a development site layout. This day is about having an expert set of eyes, looking critically at how you can achieve better results.

6 Months of Mentoring

1 HOUR MONTHLY SESSIONS: Use the monthly 1-hour sessions (across 6 months) to stay focussed on achieving your goals, to bounce ideas and plans off your coach, to deal with any issues and questions quickly to keep your business moving, to grow your property business and ultimately to keep you accountable to achieve your success.

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Is The 1-2-1 Core Property Mentorship Right For You?

This 1-2-1 Core Property Mentorship is designed for Investors who would value expert support, coaching and mentoring to take them through setting up and launching a successful property business, through a period of growth or switching to a new strategy, or throughout a particular investment project.

The eight month window of this program allows you to get focussed, in-depth, tailored support as required, helping you see your property goals through to completion. 

This program will ensure you have the right business foundations, strategic knowledge, funding solutions, deal analysis tools and power team in place, to progress towards your financial and lifestyle goals at a much faster pace.

You want to build and grow a successful property business with ongoing strategic and practical support from professional experts.

I didn’t start with a huge cash buffer or trust fund cushion to fall back on, and I don’t for a second assume you have that luxury either.

Surrounding myself with the right people has been vital for my success, and this program will do the same for you. The best mentors, trainers, and power team will be pivotal to your future property success. Join like-minded property investors on a similar growth trajectory in our 1-2-1 Core Mentorship. Spaces are limited.

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Program Structure And Price

The entire 8 months of 1-2-1 training, coaching and mentoring is available for £5,995.

This 8 month 1-2-1 Core Property Mentorship program has been created from decades of property training expertise. Designed to give real results and high value, it features the perfect blend of coaching and mentoring online, face-to-face, and in the field. The program is delivered by Nicholas’ trusted team of industry-leading coaches and professionals.

Nicholas' team of experts will deliver:

  • A 2 hour ‘Kickstart’ meeting to establish your goals and targets.
  • 9 x weeks of strategy planning and execution, with an hour’s 1-2-1 progress meeting once every 3 weeks.
  • An entire day in the field – Critical support as you visit potential sites, walk through a development project, or check over an active refurbishment.
  • 6 months of ongoing, structured support – 1 x hour’s meeting every single month to resolve issues, focus on your goals, share ideas, and keep things moving.
  • 24/7 access to peers and professionals in our free online wealth-building community, Wealth Labs.
  • You will be supported online, in-person and in the field by an expert team of 1-2-1 coaches.

8 Months Of Expert Mentoring And Coaching