"An amazing weekend, super-informative! So much in such a short time. Been really valuable!"


"An amazing weekend, super-informative! So much in such a short time. Been really valuable!"



Following the huge success of our Commercial-to-Residential Property Conversions Development course last year, we are excited to announce that we will be back, LIVE & online with more dates throughout 2024!

Having developed over £100m worth of UK property to date, Nicholas Wallwork has spent over 25 years honing commercial property conversion strategies – which is where he’s seen the majority of his financial success.

Learn how to profit from new Permitted Development Rights as Nicholas shares his blueprint for commercialto-residential development success (including detailed case studies of his own large-scale development projects).

PLUS get access to Nicholas’ personal contacts and support network, needed to take your property development game to a professional level.

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“Commercial conversions are a BIG market right NOW.

Whether I’m converting a commercial building or care home for residential use,  or building a mega HMO, I get huge personal satisfaction from delivering development projects that enhance the community and create much-needed places for people to live.

And, of course, the financial rewards can be significant!

Which is probably why you are here in the first place?

So for the first time, I am sharing my blueprint for taking your commercial property development career professional in my two day course, built on my decades of experience as a commercial Property Developer. “

Nicholas Wallwork

The next Course Date for Commercial-to-Residential Conversions is...

• 6th & 7th July


"Really great info. Brilliant panel of presenters. I have really enjoyed it."


This 2-Day Course: Commercial-to-Residential Conversions
Will Teach You...

How To Go Professional

Learn what it takes to make the leap into professional commercial property development, creating a full-time career by taking advantage of today's new Permitted Development rules.

How To Develop Commercial Strategies

Learn the specific strategies, regulations and challenges of developing different types of commercial property... including offices, care homes, mixed use, retail and light industrial.

How To Build Your Dream Team

Building a professional team to support your full-time development goals will be an essential part of your success. Learn exactly who you need and get access to Nicholas' own power team!

How To Fund Your Development Projects

We will teach you how to how to choose which type of funding is best for your project, increase your chances of a successful funding application and how to attract private investors.

How To Source And Secure Great Deals

Get ahead of your competitors with inside knowledge on sourcing, negotiating on, and securing great commercial property development deals in your desired location.

Take Advantage of PD Rights

Understand building classes and where hot opportunities lie within permitted development rights. Learn how to tackle the regulations around the planning application process to avoid set-backs.

Get Your Development Off The Ground

The ultimate 'to-do list' of everything you need in place to get your property commercial conversion project off (and out of!) the ground.

Navigate The Construction Phase

Get a strong understanding of complex project scheduling, team management, budgeting and trouble-shooting, as we delve into the construction phase of a build.

How To Reach A Successful Exit

Learn how to put your exit strategy into action. Understand everything you need in place to successfully sell or rent your completed development project.

Protection Against Market Uncertainty

Understand how to protect your development from market fluctuations by implementing a robust development strategy from the outset.

Tax And Asset Protection

Learn how to set up (or expand) a professional property development business, with consideration for all tax implications and protection of assets.

The Importance Of A Mentor Or Coach

Access a breadth of more property development education and resources to ensure your strategic and practical knowledge stays ahead of the curve.

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Watch Hours Of Nicholas' REAL Commercial Conversion Projects

  • Follow Nicholas and his team as they develop multi-million pound commercial to residential conversions.
  • Watch hours of high-value content or REAL development sites, hearing expert insight, tips and tricks and how to overcome problems.
  • See the quality of a finished residential conversion, including the UK’s Largest Building Wrap!

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is designed with a particular type of developer in mind – one’s who’s at a tipping point in their property development journey.

It’s not intended as a nuts-and-bolts beginner’s guide. Rather, this course assumes you’ve got a few developments under your belt and are looking to progress into professional commercial property development.

You want to learn successful, proven commercial conversion strategies from a real developer who has walked the path, and can provide genuine insight and expertise to support you on your journey.

You’re ready to take on more complex commercial projects, scale up your activities in an achievable way, and ultimately, turn commercial property development into a full-time career.

“I took my first steps into property development with small refurbishments and conversions and now routinely take on multi-million-pound commercial to residential developments.

If I can do it, so can you. I didn’t start with a huge cash buffer or trust fund cushion to fall back on, and I don’t for a second assume you have that luxury either.

This may mean you’re looking to take on projects such as splitting up a larger building into multiple units, converting an existing building from one use class to another, converting an office space into residential units, developing a care home into apartments, converting a retail unit into a mixed-use space (residential above and retail below). The opportunities that changes to permitted development rights have presented for developers is vast and exciting.

But this IS a LIMITED opportunity because developers are already moving quickly. Don’t miss out on what could be, some of the most successful years for commercial property development. Join my course and learn exactly how I’ve achieved success today.”

Nicholas Wallwork

Book Your Ticket for My Commercial-to-Residential Conversions Course

Course Structure And Price

As a (free) member of Wealth Labs you automatically receive 50% discount off the £2,500 RRP.

That means for Wealth Labs members receive the course and 12 months support for only £1,250! 

The course is delivered online, over two full days. There will be opportunities to ask questions and interact directly with our consultants who will be on hand to guide and advise you.

Day One:

  • Introduction
  • Turning your Passion into a Career
  • How to Succeed with Commercial Development Strategies
  • Types of Commercial Property with Permitted Development Rights
  • Building your development Dream Team 
  • How to Fund your Commercial Development Projects
  • Sourcing and Securing Great Commercial Development Opportunities
  • Understanding and Tackling the Planning Process
  • Q&A

Day Two:

  • Day 1 Recap and Q&A session
  • Getting your project off the ground (The pre-construction stage)
  • Navigating the Construction and Post-Construction stages
  • Bringing your strategy to a successful conclusion
  • Protecting yourself against market swings and uncertainty
  • Tapping into further resources
  • Q&A session
  • Next steps and how to proceed from here 

Apply for a £99 Scholarship for my Commercial Property Development Course worth £1,250.00! > Apply Here

Each month, a number of Scholarships are awarded by WealthLabs.co.uk, funding almost all of the course fees! You could be elligable. Apply now to find out more.

You Will Receive 365 Days Of Access And Support