Property Mastermind Coaching

12 weeks of LIVE Property Investment Training & Support

Property Mastermind Coaching

12 Weeks of LIVE Property Investment Training And Support


Build Your Property Business With The Right Foundations And Strategy For Success

Give your property investment business the best possible chance of success with 12 weeks of expert training from Property Mastermind Coaching – a training program built on decades of property investment coaching and expertise, delivered by Nicholas’ expert team.

Having already helped hundreds of property investors build successful businesses, our coaches will teach you how to get everything right first time around… from your business structure and strategy… to deal budgeting, finance and funding, and exit strategies.

Throughout the process you will be able to put the theory and skills you acquire into practice with the support and feedback of your instructor, setting you on your path to success.

Across 12 weeks you will receive the 1-2-1 mentorship supportlive group training sessionsstrategies, best practices and contacts needed to launch and/or scale your property business.

Property Mastermind Coaching - 12-Weeks Of Expert Training...

Business Planning And Structure

We show you how to set up your property investment business for success, with the correct company structure for growth from the start.

Qualifying Your Investment Area

Learn how to qualify potential investment areas using real market data and the most up-to-date facts and figures.

Property Targeting & Local Connections

Learn to focus your property search on the deals that meet only your exact criteria, using powerful local connections to assist you.

Running Your Deal Numbers

We will teach you how to run thorough numbers on a potential deal with accuracy and a realistic forecast based on facts and market evidence.

Creating A Full Deal Budget

Learn how to budget for your entire investment deal, considering all costs from legal fees, to building works, to staging a property for sale or rental.

Values, Rents And Due Diligence

Learn how to undertake professional and exhaustive Due Diligence on a deal to establish realistic and accurate resale and rental values.

Finding The Right Properties

We will teach you how to source, negotiate on, and secure properties that are best suited to your current property investment strategy.

Getting The Deal Over The Line

Learn the essential 'do's and don'ts' of getting your deal over the line, avoiding any last minute purchase or sale problems.

Building Out Your Power Team

Access our industry-leading power team and learn who you need around you to compete and succeed in a competitive property investment market.

Refurbishment Management

Get to grips with project managing a build and your team, including overcoming inevitable unforeseen issues and sticking to budget.

Top 3 Exit Strategies Revealed

We reveal the top 3 most effective exit strategies which still work in today's property market.

Finance And Funding Sources

Understand all your options when it comes to property finance including tips for a successful application and how to attract private investors.

Secure Your Place For My Property Mastermind Coaching!

Let’s start with a confession.

I didn’t start my property career as a property investor. In fact, I started as a young landlord, renting out rooms in my first home.

A pretty humble start, but it was enough to get me hooked on the idea of earning an income from property.

Now, with more than two decades as a full-time property investor under my belt, I’ve developed £100m+ of property and built a £30m+ portfolio using a wide range of property strategies including HMOs, Mega HMOs, Commercial-to-Residential Conversions, Care-Home Conversions, and Serviced Accommodation.

Along the way I’ve learnt many valuable lessons and spent much time finding the right property investment strategies and power team to take me to huge levels of success.

Which is probably why you are here in the first place?

Of course, the financial rewards can be significant! But you need the right pillars in place…

So for the first time, I am launching Property Mastermind Coaching to give you all the 1-2-1 guidance, group training and practical resources you need to boost your level of success in property investment and help you reach your goals much faster.

Secure Your Place For My Property Mastermind Coaching...

Is Property Mastermind Coaching Right For You?

Mastermind Coaching is designed with a particular type of Property Investor in mind – one who is taking their property investment activity seriously and wants to launch and grow a professional and successful property investment business.

This program will ensure you have the right business foundations, strategic knowledge, funding solutions, deal analysis tools and power team in place, to progress towards your financial and lifestyle goals at a much faster pace.

You’re here to run your property investment activity as a business, with ambitions and goals that you have every intention of reaching.

I took my first steps into property development with small refurbishments and conversions and now routinely take on multi-million-pound developments.

If I can do it, so can you.

I didn’t start with a huge cash buffer or trust fund cushion to fall back on, and I don’t for a second assume you have that luxury either.

Surrounding myself with the right people has been vital for my success, and this program will do the same for you. The best mentors, trainers, and power team will be pivotal to your future property success. Join like-minded property investors on a similar growth trajectory in our Mastermind Coaching programme. Spaces are limited.

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Program Structure And Price

The entire 12 weeks of training, strategy, support materials and 1-2-1 support is only £1,500.

*Spaces are very limited to keep group size ideal*

This 12-week Mastermind Property Coaching programme has been created from decades of property training expertise. It features a blended learning approach which includes key property investment disciplines, weekly support, 1-2-1 mentor support, accountability and community interaction. The program is delivered by Nicholas’ trusted team of industry-leading coaches and professionals.

Nicholas' team of experts will deliver:

  • 12 x weeks of 1-hour LIVE training, coaching and accountability Zoom meetings.
  • Video Lessons, text downloads and support materials for each week of training.
  • 2 x 30-minute 1-2-1 meetings with your training coach, to specifically focus on your business growth objectives.
  • Weekly action plan and accountability tasks.
  • Community group to network with your peers, trainer and coach, enabling you to ask questions, offer and receive support, and hold yourself accountable to drive success.
  • Direct message access to your coach and trainer for any private questions not appropriate to discuss in a group environment.

*Book Your Place Before 31/3/23 to receive these Early Bird Benefits!*

A Free Copy Of Nicholas' For Dummies Book

Investing In International Real Estate For Dummies is a worldwide publication covering property investment strategies that can work in both local and global markets.

30 Minutes Private Q&A with Nicholas

Complete your value-packed 12-week course with a 30-minute private group Q&A session with Nicholas (via Zoom). Only available to Early Bird Mastermind Group Pass holders.

Access to a Private Wealth Labs Group with Nicholas

Extend your educational relationship with Nicholas as you become a lifetime member of his private property development discussion group in Wealth Labs.

VIP Priority Booking for Future Events & Courses

Get priority booking and early discount offers on all of Nicholas' future property investment events and courses through Wealth Labs.

You Will Receive 365 Days Of Access And Support