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There is ZERO RISK and ZERO OBLIGATION from booking a free mentorship call with Nicholas.

Nicholas offers a full MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – If you don’t feel he’s added significant value to you during your mentorship session, you will receive a full (no quibble) refund.

HE WON’T WORK WITH YOU if he doesn’t feel he can add real value to your specific circumstances or project. (Nicholas always sends you a short questionnaire first to understand what you would like help with).

✅ He offers a FREE ‘taster’ call to find out more about your property goals, and to explain how he can help you progress faster. There is NO OBLIGATION to go on to book a paid mentorship session after your free call.

✅ You will speak to Nicholas PERSONALLY. You won’t be passed to other members of his team. For this reason, the amount of sessions he can offer each month are STRICTLY LIMITED.

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“Nicholas amazed us with his ability to add such great value and advice to our development projects in the Far East. We have had 2 mentorship calls with Nicholas so far and plan to book a further series of 5. It’s great to know we have someone we can call on for expert help whenever we need it, at whatever stage of project.”

Emma Chapman • Property Developer

Here are just a few ways Nicholas can help you fast-track your property investment success, make more profit and see real progress!

BUSINESS & TAX SET-UP: Learn how to set up your property business correctly right from the start, with the best tax, legal and corporate structures in place.


OVERALL STRATEGY: Understand how to plan and implement your overall property investment strategy, ensuring it fits your goals skills and available finance.


PROPERTY SOURCING: Learn how to source and negotiate on the right type of properties (in the right location) for your chosen investment strategy.


FINANCE OPTIONS: Understand how to select the right finance options for your next project (from loans, mortgages, equity and commercial lending).


CONVERSIONS: Learn how to successfully manage a commercial to residential conversion (or any other preferred conversion strategy).


PRIVATE INVESTOR LENDING: Understand how to attract private investment (and which private lending structures you should use, including Joint Ventures and Loan Notes).


And MUCH, MUCH, more


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“Nicholas supported us on our largest HMO investment so far. It involved some complicated planning considerations and the building was an unusual layout. His experience in that sector was invaluable to us, saving us time and money. I’ve never been one for lengthy educational courses, so the 1 hour call session were ideal.”

James Davies • Property Investor

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