Behind the Scenes of My Care Home-to-Residential Conversion

Care homes lend themselves well to residential conversions. There are lots of opportunities to save costs when converting, utilise space and maximise your profits. With this in mind, I have invested in a care home-to-residential conversion with the intent of creating over 50 rooms to rent out. Check out our new site here.

As you can see, this site has plenty of opportunities and comes with a considerable amount of land attached to the property. Land like this, once used as recreational space for residents to enjoy, can be converted based on the needs of your property and the local council. Some councils will require a certain amount of parking per development, while others want to focus on cutting down the number of cars and therefore ask for less parking. All of this is dependent on where the development is, and it’s best to check the rules and guidelines for the appropriate council.

With my site, this land presents an opportunity for me to convert it to parking spaces, bin stores and bike stores. What exactly I do with it will become more apparent as we plan the development and understand the needs of this property. This is similar to other property investors’ journeys, and it’s best to take a look at your local council’s requirements as well as your property’s needs so that there are no delays once the development stage begins. It is critical to understand as you could end up buying a property that you can no longer convert or develop due to your council’s requirements.

Top Tip: Make sure you arrange a meeting with the local authorities as soon as possible. The earlier, the better, as you can incorporate their requirements into your plans and ensure you will obtain permission to carry out your conversion.

Another fantastic detail about this conversion is the two-for-one deal it presented. In addition to the main care home building, there is also a detached building that can be converted into a residential property and rented out. Finding a property that presents multiple opportunities is beneficial as it provides the option to convert a property that will garner continuous tenancy.

The land my care home-to-residential conversion has attached to it also presents an opportunity for additional buildings. Once again, constructing a plan, opening communications with the right people and getting planning applications submitted early is vital. This ensures you have a goal early on, establishing what you wish to do and how much funding you need to acquire.

We’ve got two properties for the price of one! Incredibly good value, all because other people haven’t seen the opportunity in converting the care home back to residential flats.

When it comes to larger-scale commercial-to-residential developments, experience is key. While an impressive BTL portfolio demonstrates understanding in the property market, it doesn’t always showcase the skills required for a development of this scale. Here is where mentorship from an expert can support you from finding and acquiring a property right through to the end of the development.

I also offer bespoke mentorship packages, allowing you to benefit from my years of experience in property development concerning your own property project. Book a call with me today so we can discuss your conversion project.

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