Property Business Consultancy

A specialist property consultant who can offer your business expert strategic advice. 

Highly qualified, with over 20 years of experience, Nicholas Wallwork is an experienced property consultant who can tailor his service to meet your business’s specific needs. 

A long-term critical partner for your property business, Nicholas can offer bespoke advice and guidance from his first-hand expertise within the property industry. No matter how extensive your portfolio, having a business consultant on-board has been proven to be particularly beneficial to your business’s growth and success, as well as minimising your risk.

Find out how business consultancy from Nicholas can help you.

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experience in the property investment and development market.
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successfully completed development projects to date.

1. Brand Exposure

Building a platform for your business’s brand is only half of the challenge; the next vital steps are to raise the awareness of your brand to give it the positive exposure it needs to thrive. From an advertising strategy to partnerships, the more your brand is exposed, the more brand awareness your business will have. All in all, this will significantly increase your brand’s credibility and trust.

4. Development and Regeneration

Property developments and regenerations can be a considerable feat for businesses. With a business consultant on board to help oversee your property portfolio’s progression, you can minimise the risk and ensure suitable contingencies are in place. By gaining access to an expert’s impartial and independent advice, your business can rest assured your upcoming projects remain in line with financial, commercial and occupational strategies.

2. Asset Management

When done correctly, property asset management can save your business unnecessary costs in the long run. It is a crucial strategy that can help your investment values to increase. With a property business consultant on board, who has the required skill-set and track record in managing large real estate portfolios, your business can enter or progress within property with confidence.

5. Strategic Development Advice

With £30 million worth of property under his belt, Nicholas has built up an incredible portfolio of property and development experience. From over 20 years worth of projects, he can offer first-hand advice from your pre-acquisition market research to modelling a viable development and the much-needed plans for cash flow. With his years of contacts and hindsight, Nicholas can help your business see the bigger picture and support your future development strategy.

3. Brand Building

It is one thing making sure your brand has the platform it requires, but it is equally important to ensure it encompasses your business’s values and gives out the correct message to your customer base and clients. You must ensure that your marketing assets and strategy uphold your vision and present a coherent and cohesive story.

6. Strategic Acquisition Advice

The acquisition of property can be a complex process. As a business, time is money, and it is paramount that your acquisition strategy is thorough. With Nicholas’ experience acquiring and completing more than 28 development projects, his influence advising your acquisition strategy can help you keep costs down whilst you progress towards a completion date.


Nicholas has over 20 years in the property investment and development industry, running several successful businesses across many sectors. Take advantage of his expertise to avoid costly mistakes and common errors when expanding or developing your business into the property market.

grow in confidence

Having a property business consultant as experienced as Nicholas by your side from start to finish means you can be confident you are making the right decisions, at the right time, with your business’ property investment and development ventures.

maximise profit

Identifying where you can add value (and maximise profits) is a skill that comes with time and experience. Nicholas currently has 200+ units and understands how to maximise profits, even from the smallest spaces. His advice and guidance will make a difference in your business’ profit.

Understand funding options

Nicholas can explain your funding options in an unbiased way, helping you understand which options are feasible for your project. He can also advise on how to structure and present a deal if you are approaching anyone for funding.

Did you know Nicholas Wallwork is also a well-respected, globally-released author?

Trusted by the international publishing brand FOR DUMMIES, Nicholas has released two books with the New York-based publisher Wiley: Investing In International Real Estate For Dummies and Brexit For Dummies. In addition, Nicholas has also produced a series of ebooks sharing his expertise on property investment strategies.


Your business can start with pay-as-you-go sessions to help you begin the relationship in a cost-effective manner and explore the benefits of having advice from a Property Business Consultant or sign-up for a mentorship package

Nicholas’ Consultancy options take three different directions: Pay-As-You-Go Business Consultancy, Brand Ambassador Packages and Retained Partnership Opportunities. But what are the differences?


If your business is looking to benefit from bespoke, specialist advice in your property ventures, then Nicholas is on hand to help. With a current portfolio worth £30 million, Nicholas can help reduce your risk, strengthen your contingency plans and help your strategies succeed. His package of six consultation sessions allows your business to take control. 
  • Hour-long consultation call to discuss your business’s needs.
  • Suitable for businesses looking for support branching out into property and businesses with existing property links looking for additional advice.
  • Benefit from Nicholas’ first-hand experience with brand alignment and exposure to asset management and strategy.

Please note: our six-session mentorship package comes with the option to pay in two or three monthly instalments. Please get in touch with us directly if this is preferred. Please note: One taster session will be honoured per business.


Gain Nicholas Wallwork as a Brand Ambassador for your property business.

Nicholas has spent over 20 years gaining expertise in the property industry and building-up his personal brand. Your property business can partner up with Nicholas, allowing your brand to be promoted by Property Forum, as well as gaining the credibility of Nicholas’ personal support. 

  • Access to a month-long media package complete with promotional materials and imagery
  • The package includes a custom video marketing piece with Nicholas, one per month.
  • Your business will receive prominent advertising placements on Nicholas’ Property Forum,


Are you an institutional investor, property fund or property-related business? Nicholas’s retained partnership opportunity enables your business to benefit from a bespoke service, creating leverage and enhancing the credibility of your business.

  • Help sourcing your business’s next property venture
  • Strategic acquisition advice for your funds
  • Asset management of your property portfolio
  • Brand acquisition and leverage to increase your business’s position in the property industry 

The retained partnership opportunity will bring Nicholas on board with your business as a non-executive director. 


Nicholas’ expertise spans many areas of property development and investment. Below is just an example of how his property consultancy services can benefit your business.

Whatever your business in property is, Nicholas can help.

Whether you have an existing property development company and are looking for some first-hand advice on alternative investment strategies, an architect firm looking to branch out into different areas of your market, or even a software company looking to enter the market, Nicholas can help your business gain traction.

From planning consultants, family offices to accountancy firms, if your business would like to explore the lucrative financial benefits of the UK property market, Nicholas can work with you to help make your business’s efforts prosper.

Regardless of whether your business is new to property and an up-and-coming investor or seasoned and experienced, Nicholas can support your business, no matter how established your property endeavours are. 


Please note: our six-session mentorship package comes with the option to pay in two or three monthly instalments. Please get in touch with us directly if this is preferred. Please note: One taster session will be honoured per business.

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I’m Nicholas Wallwork, a well-respected figure across the property industry. I am a multi-millionaire property investor, developer, and entrepreneur and widely recognised as a highly successful International For Dummies author. You may have seen me on Property TV or as a property market commentator on SKY TV and national radio.

I am also CEO of Redbrick Wealth, a real estate development company that allows passive, hands-off investments into our UK-based assets. Redbrick has an outstanding track record of working on successful developments and acquisitions in the real estate industry and has not missed a monthly payment to date.

I have a very visible online presence and own the largest international property forum in the world All of this makes me open and honest, accessible and extremely easy to research for your due diligence.

I have built up over 20 years of experience in the property industry and have a wide breadth of real estate experience with specific expertise in developing houses in multiple occupation, micro-studio and co-living apartment blocks, and private rented-sector developments. I can also offer first-hand advice on serviced apartment, healthcare and assisted living property developments.

To help you complete your due diligence, here’s what you need to know.

Please note: our six-session mentorship package comes with the option to pay in two or three monthly instalments. Please get in touch with us directly if this is preferred. Please note: One taster session will be honoured per business.


Nicholas is also a recognisable commentator on the UK property market and property investment strategies and can often be seen taking part in podcasts, radio interviews and events on all aspects of the property market. Alongside his TV and radio appearances, Nicholas is also an international author. Be sure to check out his books on Amazon.

Nicholas is the CEO of Property Forum, the world’s largest international property forum. With over 65,000 other landlords, investors and professionals members to the chat forums, Property Forum is a great source or free educational resources.

Property Summits Nicholas Wallwork

Nicholas is also a part of a well-known industry discussion panel, Property Summits. Alongside four more panellists, Nicholas completes the experts of Property Summits. Together they host a ‘one-of-a-kind’ Property Forecast, covering the latest property market news, trends and opportunities.

PropertyTV Sky

Nicholas is also a familiar face on SKY and Property TV, having appeared on the popular programme Property Elevator as a Property Angel. Property Elevator sees budding investor pitching to the expert Angels seeking financial support with their next development project; catch up on missed episodes here.

Redbrick Wealth

Nicholas is also CEO of Redbrick. Through this real estate brand, Nicholas and his team have developed and demonstrated a track record of working on successful property developments in the real estate industry. Find out about their loan note opportunities here

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If you are interested in property news and education content surrounding property development and investing, visit Nicholas’ YouTube channel today. Subscribe to received alerts of all his new video releases, including his live podcast interviews with other leading property experts.

Please note: our six-session mentorship package comes with the option to pay in two or three monthly instalments. Please get in touch with us directly if this is preferred. Please note: One taster session will be honoured per business.

£ 0 million
Current portfolio size.
£ 0 million
in UK property already developed.
0 + Years
experience in the property investment and development market.
0 Projects
successfully completed development projects to date.

Frequently asked questions

Nicholas Wallwork is a multi-millionaire real estate developer, successful entrepreneur and property investor. His years of experience has led him to be a trusted and knowledgable property and business mentor and is consequently a TV personality appearing as an investor on Property Elevator.

With his own YouTube channel and podcast, as well as running the world’s largest international property forum,, Nicholas is passionate about providing education and support to his fellow property investors and developers. His latest books Investing In International Real Estate For Dummies and Brexit For Dummies are now available to buy on Amazon.

From his personal portfolio, Nicholas is well-known for his HMO property conversions (houses in multiple occupations) and has taken on many large-scale property developments. With his reliable team of experts, Nicholas has an understanding of all aspects of a project and a wide variety of property investments. Also, Nicholas thoroughly understands all elements of the property market, from sourcing to negotiating, to development and finance. With so many investment strategies around, get in touch to see if Nicholas can offer help and advice to your property development.

Nicholas offers 1-hour mentorship calls to enable him to help investors and developers around the world. His mentorship is not a course; it is an opportunity to help you with a specific problem, get started in a particular strategy or overcome a specific problem. You are able to choose the topic of your conversation, allowing you to decide where Nicholas’ expertise would prove most valuable.

These sessions are quite unique to other lengthy mentorship help available; Nicholas offers a personalised service, ensuring his support has the best possible chances of making a huge difference to each individual. All of his calls take place from his Reading-based office and can be carried out as a telephone call, or face-to-face over Skype or Zoom. 

To ensure your time on the call is as productive and helpful to your individual situation as possible, Nicholas asks that you email detailed information on your project/investment (or a list of topics/questions you would like to cover) at least two days before the call.

Within this correspondence, feel free to include a guideline of the problems you are currently facing or the type of things you would like to seek Nicholas’ advice. By having a plan to prepare for, Nicholas can provide the best possible value.

Nicholas guarantees that the value he can add to an investment or development (whether that’s in money saved, or increased profits), will outweigh the cost of his mentorship call.

Please get in contact using the ‘Enquire Now’ buttons above, and we will be in touch to arrange a preliminary 10-minute call to ensure your project/investment is suitable for Nicholas to help. To book in your appointment, you can follow the link to choose a slot today.