THE WORLD'S LARGEST INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY FORUM is the only chat forum dedicated to worldwide real estate investment. Launched in 2006, it is the largest international property forum in the world with over 50 chat forums dedicated to specific topics (from HMOs… to Property Law…. to Development). Whether you want to buy a holiday home overseas, become an HMO landlord, develop property, create a passive income, build a diverse buy-to-let portfolio, or understand the finance options available to you, Property Forum provides all the education and expertise you might need.


Property Forum was started to provide a supportive platform for all levels of property investors to chat to like-minded people. A place to network, to share your own expertise and to learn from others, for free. Since Nicholas purchased in 2015 the forum has developed to become a leading educational hub for all things property.

You will find free ebooks, a directory of essential contacts, property TV shows, an industry-renowned News Portal and expert advice and guidance on the forum itself… all the support and materials you might need to start, or build, an income from real estate.

The best thing about Property Forum is that it’s completely free to join and take advantage of all of these great resources.


Download free educational ebooks from the forum...

Nicholas’s ‘Guide to HMOs’ ebook is essential reading for anyone considering this type of property investment. HMOs have been a key investment strategy which Nicholas has seen vast success in, and he shares his knowledge and guidance in this free ebook.


Passive Income through property is fast replacing the traditional pension, but understanding where (and how) to get started can be confusing. This ebook introduces guide you through all the considerations of creating a good passive incomes.


Having a positive mindset is essential to getting the most out of life. The same is true for business and the world of property. Nicholas has attributed much of his success to having the right mindset and shares his thoughts here in this positivity ebook.